The Bruce Millar Gulliver Prize

James Gulliver, a friend of Bruce, made a substantial commitment to the Trust. This generosity provided sufficient funds to initiate the Prize to which his name has been given, and to allow both the opera and drama awards to be presented annually.

The Bruce Millar Gulliver Prize recognises the winner’s potential for a professional operatic career, and is intended to assist in extending appropriate training through further study or practical experience.

Each major British Conservatoire is invited to nominate a student for this Prize, worth £10000. The arias they perform have been suggested by the candidates themselves; one is entirely the candidate’s choice, the other two are selected by the Trust from a list of four the candidate submits. Candidates also give the Trust details of their career to date, their future plans and the use to which they would put the Prize if successful; these matters are taken into consideration by the Panel in reaching their decision.

A Panel of experts with specialised knowledge and experience in the field of opera assesses the candidates’ performances. Among the many qualities the Panel will seek are musicianship, vocal excellence and the ability to communicate with an audience, while applying as the primary test the candidate’s potential for a professional career.

The Trust invites representatives from the major UK opera companies to sit on the Panel alongside established singers. Their collective experience and expertise combines to select the candidate who in their opinion is most deserving of the Prize.